Meal Replacement Shakes

No exercise required!
Lose weight the easy way by replacing up to 2 of your daily meals with our delicious meal replacement shakes. Proganics Meal Replacement Shakes are deliciously creamy, made only on water and contain no animal products.

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Protein Powders for Exercise

Whether you're looking for a protein powder to assist muscle recovery after crossfit, a home gym workout or your yoga or pilates session, we have a selection of different protein powders that are suited to your lifestyle choices and goals.

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Naturopath Endorsed Loose-Leaf Herbal Teas

Whether you are needing energy, relieve tummy cramps or help getting to relaxing at night, our 5 unique naturopath endorsed Organic Loose-Leaf Herbal Teas are here to help.  All you need to do is sit back, relax and let this unique herbs and flowers do all the work.

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Daily Essential Organic Super Greens

Leafy greens are a vital part of a healthy diet because they’re packed full of vitamins and minerals, but can also help alkalize your body, remove heavy metals and support a healthy gut. Our Organic Greens Plus contains 7 concentrated super greens in one convenient product. 

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Organic is how our food is grown, farmed and processed and is your only guarantee that the product you're consuming is truly chemical free and sustainably farmed. You may not see any physical difference between a product that is organic and conventional but your body will thank you for choosing organic for years to come.

Unlike other brands, we manufacture Proganics in our own purpose built certified organic food manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia that is audited by third parties.  Our facility holds HACCP Food Safety, ISO 9001 Quality, ACO and USDA Organic Certifications.

This sets us apart as we have full control of the sourcing, approval, quality and manufacturing of our products so you can have piece of mind that you are getting the best quality product that are produced to the highest standards.