Let’s work together to build healthy communities where everyone has the nourishing food they need

With every Organic Whey & Greens Plus bundle you purchase, we’ll donate to Ceres Community Project, a nonprofit delivering organic meals to low-income people struggling because of a serious illness like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, while also teaching young people how to grow, cook and eat organic food.

Our Core Values


We operate with complete transparency from manufacturing to delivery.  Our products only contain the ingredients listed on the packaging and our message is always factual without any marketing gimmicks. 


Our products are Australian Certified Organic which is your guarantee they are chemical free, sustainably grown with full traceability from farm to you.


We are commited to producing the highest quality products by having  procedures in place to manufacture consistent products where every ingredient has a purpose to be better for your body.


Through education and community programs we aim to support and inspire our community to have the knowledge to live their healthiest life.


As an organic food manufacturer we utilize our years of experience to produce innovative and purpose driven healthy products that are safe to consume.