Do you love making eye catching smoothie bowls?  If so, we have all you need in one simple bundle.

Smoothie bowls are a quick, easy and creative way to provide your body with all the key nutrients it needs to fuel your body.  Our Plant Protein Smoothie Bowl Bundle contains a great assortment of Proganics products that you will need to bring your smoothie bowls to life.

Plant Protein Smoothie Bowl Bundle with Coconut Bowl

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1 x Organic Plant Protein Plus // Select Flavor

1 x Organic Greens Plus // Chocolate

1 x Organic Cacao Powder

1 x Coconut Bowl

1 x Ebony Spoon

Are you are lover of making smoothie bowls?  If so, we have everything you need to make an amazing smoothie bowl, packed full of nutrients.


1. Organic Plant Protein Plus - our high protein, low fat and carbohydrate protein powder that is rich in key nutrients like organically sourced  Zinc, Iron and B Vitamins while offering key digestive support with added digestive enzymes and Probiotics.

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2. Organic Greens Plus - classified as our 'Daily Essential', our Organic Greens Plus is powdered by our 7 nutrient rich super greens powder to help provide your body with key nutrients to help detox and alkalize your body naturally while offering digestive support.  Blended with a hint of chocolate, even the fussiest of those in your family will enjoy and is a great way of increasing your vegetable intake.

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3. Organic Cacao - made using 100% Cacao powder, this ingredient is the perfect addition to any smoothie bowl.  Organic Cacao is a plant-based superfood that is rich in antioxidants while also being high in fiber and a good source of iron.

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4. Coconut Bowl  - handcrafted using the reclaimed shells of organic coconuts destined for landfill, Proganics Coconut Bowls are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly.  Each bowl is completely individual with its own unique shape, design, and color just as nature intended.

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5. Ebony Spoon - Our 100% natural Ebony Spoons are engraved, sanded, and then and polished with coconut oil to provide a smooth and natural finish which makes them the perfect companion to our Proganics Coconut Bowls.

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Our tips on how to make the perfect smoothie bowl

Fruit - add your favorite frozen fruit that you love and suits your health goal to a blender. Our go to are berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries as they are packed full of antioxidants and fiber but frozen bananas or mango are great also if you want a nice tropical flavor. You are wanting to include between 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup depending on the size of bowl you are wanting to create.  

Protein - add in 1 scoop of our Proganics Plant Protein Plus. Our protein is high in protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer while also being rich in key nutrients such as B Vitamins, Iron and Zinc.

Superfoods mix ins - depending on your health goal and flavor you are wanting, add in your favorite superfood ingredients.  We like to add Organic Cacao for extra magnesium, antioxidants and iron or our Organics Greens Plus to help detoxify and alkalize the body while delivering additional fiber for gut health.   You can also select chia seeds for omega fats, maca powder for iodine or some Proganics MCT Oil Powder for the benefits of brain health.

Liquid - choose your favorite liquid.  Some options include your favorite unsweetened plant based milk, water or coconut water for extra electrolytes. Depending on how thick you would like your smoothie bowl, you will need between 2-3 tablespoons up to a 1/2 cup.  You are always best to add a small amount of liquid to the blender initially to make sure you don't get a runny smoothie consistency.

Toppings - finish your masterpiece of with your favorite toppings.  Shredded coconut, frozen fruit, chia seeds or even a drizzle of our Powdered Peanut Butter.