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Here's a sneak peak of our Proganics Friends and Family Affiliate Program

Our Proganics Friends and Family program will be launched in January after we have finished the pre-launch sale of our Bundles.

Proganics Friends

  • Free to join
  • No monthly program fees  
  • Earn $5 store credit for every purchase  
  • Generate discount coupons to share  
  • Upgrade to the Proganics Family program anytime

Proganics Family

  • $20 monthly program fee + initial starter kit
  • Unlimited earning potential  
  • USD Payments made with PayPal twice monthly  
  • Downgrade to the Proganics Friends program at anytime  
  • Full training and support provided

We've designed the Proganics Family program to be versatile and suit you with 5 different ways to earn.

Here's 5 Ways to Earn in the Proganics Family Program

The program has been designed to suit as many of our family as possible and you can choose which way you want to earn.  If you only bring on more Proganics Family you'll earn $10/month recurring from each referral and then a commission on every initial pack purchased.  Maybe you're a dietician and want to sell our products to your clients, no problem, simply order wholesale through our site and we'll ship you the products to supply your clients.  If those options are not right for you, simply refer your connections to our site and we'll pay you for every sale that person makes for the life of the customer and while you're active member of our Proganics Family.  Don't worry if it's not for you, downgrade to the Proganics Friends program at any time, no questions asked and have the option to rejoin the Proganics Family when it suits.


For every person you refer who then signs up to the Proganics Family program

You'll be paid $10 per month recurring for every active family member.

Monthly program fees will not count towards monthly sales volume


Sell a Proganics Family pack to a Proganics Family Member

The commission and pack conent is still being worked out and will be advised shorly.

Initial pack spend will not count towards monthly sales volume


Sell directly to your family, friends or clients. The wholesale program suits Naturopaths, Dieticians, Personal Trainers, Health Professionals.

You'll get a 25% discount to purchase any of the products and you can decide how much to sell them for.  The minimum wholesale order is $250 per order.

Wholesale spend will not count towards monthly sales volume


Based on the volume of sales your referred audience purchases for the calendar month.

0 to $2,500 10%

$2,501 to $10,000 10.5%

$10,001 to $50,000 11%

$50,001 to $100,000 11.5%

$100,001 to $250,000 12%

$250,001 to $999,999 13.5%

$1 Million + 15%


Bonus commission for selling the same amount or more in the previous month

No extra for monthly sales below $2,500

2.5% extra when you achieve the same or more value of referal sales than you did in the previous month

Let’s work together to build healthy communities where everyone has the nourishing food they need

With every Organic Whey & Greens Plus bundle you purchase, we’ll donate to Ceres Community Project, a nonprofit delivering organic meals to low-income people struggling because of a serious illness like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, while also teaching young people how to grow, cook and eat organic food.

Our Core Values


We operate with complete transparency from manufacturing to delivery. Our products only contain the ingredients listed on the packaging and our message is always factual without any marketing gimmicks.


Our products are Australian Certified Organic which is your guarantee they are chemical free, sustainably grown with full traceability from farm to you.


We are commited to producing the highest quality products by having procedures in place to manufacture consistent products where every ingredient has a purpose to be better for your body.


Through education and community programs we aim to support and inspire our community to have the knowledge to live their healthiest life.


As an organic food manufacturer we utilize our years of experience to produce innovative and purpose driven healthy products that are safe to consume.