Hi, I’m Rob, my partner and I both created this wonderful brand we’ve called Proganics to offer a clean, natural and organic product range that is designed around supporting a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. All of our proganics products are centered around the key principal of being better for your body while being lower in sugar and a better healthier alternative to other products on the market.

With a background in retail supplements and health and fitness for over 10 years we created a range of natural products that we produced for both ourselves and other companies. Back then we thought we were creating the best version of a natural product by using natural flavouring and minimal ingredients.

It wasn’t until we had a death in the family of a loved one from cancer who passed away in what should have been the prime of her life with no pre-exisiting or family history that made us stop to think about how she could have got sick in the first place or what was the catalyst for her illness.  

Rob Barton and Bailey Dallinger Co-Founders of Proganics

2007 Jan was 55 and fighting Breast Cancer. In this picture Shadow, Jan, Bailey and Cody 

2008 Jan lost her battle with Breast Cancer

As a manufacturer it was a natural progression for us to look to the foods we consumed so we started to investigate further in the ingredients used in our ‘natural’ products. When tracing back to the origins of the ingredients and how they were grown and processed we discovered that the term ‘natural’ was actually incorrect and that these same foods we thought were natural could be sprayed with harmful chemicals such as Glysophate or produced synthetically with no natural origin what so ever. The term ‘natural’ is not governed by any organisations or government bodies to ensure the product is natural and is only natural in the eyes of the producer because they say it is.

This didn’t sit well with us especially when we investigated further into how each ingredient is grown or produced so we made a conscience effort of doing better in both our personal choices and our business. This is when we discovered that the only truly chemical free and sustainable farming that doesn’t use methods that are not natural in order to grow, harvest or produce is organic farming and processing.

Now that we were on the right path and focused on using organic ingredients we discovered that the term organic can also be used just as loosely as the term natural especially for marketing purposes by many companies. It is only the companies that are certified with governing bodies like Australian Certified Organic that can truly trust the term Organic and this is something that Australian Certified Organic are pushing to change through legislation here in Australia which is amazing.

Being certified organic means that every ingredient used in a product can be traced back to the farms where they are grown with the entire process requiring clear documentation, testing and auditing to ensure there is no risk or use of artificial, chemical or synthetic products or processes to grow, harvest, produce and manufacture the products.

This was the right fit for us and at this point that we made the decision to become a certified organic processor and aligned ourselves with Australian Certified Organic. Under the watchful eye of the ACO, we made changes to our business and our processes and created Proganics so we could offer consumers a truly natural alternative with integrity and without the fear of having trace chemicals that are either introduced during the growing of the ingredient or through the production of the finished product.

When buying a certified organic product just like Proganics this is your guarantee that the product is sustainably grown and sourced, free of any chemicals and farmed in a way that we’re meant to be farming. Certified Organic is the only truly natural guarantee to ensure you and your family are getting the best quality products while minimising the risk of future health conditions that may be associated with some of the chemicals found in non-organic food. You only get one life so it is important to make decisions now that your older self will thank you for later.