Proganics Gift Card Rewards Program

Earn 1 Proganics Gift Card Dollar for every $20 you spend online ... that's 5% back!

To say ‘Thank you’ to our loyal customers, we've created the Proganics Rewards Program which is a simple and ‘rewarding’ program that rewards you for your loyalty. Unlike other loyalty programs that offer small reward options or inflated points values, Proganics Rewards is simple to understand and gives you one of the highest cashback rewards for every dollar you spend.

Every Proganics Rewards Gift Card Dollar has a value of $1USD

Share and Earn Rewards

Give 10 get 10 promotion

Want to earn even more Proganics Gift Card Dollars?  You'll have access to your own dashboard to generate give 10 get 10 coupon codes to share with your freinds and family.  They'll receive 10% off their first purchase and you'll receive 10% of their purchase added to your Proganics Gift Card balance.

Earn 10% in Proganics Gift Card Dollars just for sharing!

Frequently asked questions

Can I redeem the Proganics Gift Card Dollars for cash?

You can use your Proganics Gift Card Dollars against purchases on the website or any promotions that may appear on your dashboard.  Proganics Gift Card dollars are not redeemable for cash.

Do Proganics Gift Card Dollars expire?

Your Proganics Gift Card Dollars expire 2 years after they are accrued.

Can I use my Proganics Gift Card Dollars on my AutoShip?

Proganics Gift Card Dollars cannot be used towards AutoShip purchases.

Where do I get my gift card code?

Click on the Access your Dashboard button above and after you log in you'll have access to your secret gift card code.