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Let’s work together to build healthy communities where everyone has the nourishing food they need

With every Organic Whey & Greens Plus bundle you purchase, we’ll donate to Ceres Community Project, a nonprofit delivering organic meals to low-income people struggling because of a serious illness like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, while also teaching young people how to grow, cook and eat organic food.

Our Core Values


Only the ingredients on our label are inside each product and we're independently audited to make sure of it!


No nasty chemicals here! We're an Australian Certified Organic Processor and only use organic and naturally approved flavourings, sweeteners and ingredients. 


Our ISO 9001 Quality Management certification ensures we have procedures in place to make the same product using the same ingredients, in the same way today as we made for you a year ago and we'll continue to make for years to come.


We're customer driven and focused to go above and beyond to exceed our customers expectations every time.


We've been a certified organic processor with Australian Certified Organic for over 4 years and we have over 6 years experience manufacturing natural and clean products.